£3k playoff at William Hill Bingo

January 28, 2010

We are all getting a little fed up with the weather and the dark nights, but with spring just around the corner, the lighter evenings on the horizon and also not forgetting that Valentines Day coming up too, there couldn’t be better time for a free deposit bingo site to give they players the boost they are looking for. The £3k playoff at William Hill Bingo is sure to do just that as this free deposit bingo site promises give there players something to look forward to in their Fabulous February promotion.

The £3k playoff from William Hill Bingo, is in theory a free bingo game as you do not pay for your tickets to play. However, what William Hill Bingo will be doing between 1st and 16th February is hosting a series of ‘Fabulous February Flyers’ every hour in this free deposit bingo sites Community Room. You will need to look out for these flyers when you play bingo at William Hill Bingo as a win on one of these will get you six tickets for the £3k playoff. Each subsequent win on these flyers at William Hill Bingo will offer another six tickets up to a maximum of 90 and a win on one line, two lines and a full house receives qualifying tickets.

The £3k playoff game will then take place in the VIP Celebration Club at 8.30pm at William Hill Bingo, where you can play to win £3k using your free bingo tickets won from your wins on the ‘Fabulous February Flyers’ which you have been playing from the beginning of the month.

Only qualifiers at this free deposit bingo site will have access to the play off and an email will be sent to them confirming details of this.

So remember, this free deposit bingo sites ‘Fabulous February Flyers’ will be appearing from Monday 1st February and without a win on one of these, you will not qualify for the £3k playoff at William Hill Bingo.

William Hill Bingo free deposit
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