All Winners Playoff at Mecca Bingo

March 7, 2012

Make your way over to Mecca Bingo any Sunday this month and if you win a full house in any standard 90 ball bingo game in their Two Little Ducks, Key To The Door, Clickety Click, Dancing Queen, Legs Eleven or Lucky For Some rooms and you’ll be invited into the All Winners’ Playoff private room the following evening where you will be able to enjoy a range of special Mecca Bingo games and the chance to win a share of £5,000 worth of cash jackpots.

The All Winners’ Playoff private room at Mecca Bingo is open between 7pm and 9pm each Monday during March and those lucky players that earn an invite will not only have the chance to walk away with a share of £5,000 through free bingo games but also penny bingo, Superbooks and BOGOF games. One thing you need to know though is that is that this room will not be available via Mecca Bingo mobile so you may need to kick the kids off the laptop for a couple of hours but we are sure they won’t mind if you win enough to treat them to a new game for the XBox or a night at the cinema with their mates.

On Sunday 11th March the online bingo site is hosting another Mid-Month Madness and giving away another £30,000 worth of big cash jackpots. The action is taking place between 6pm and Midnight in the Two Little Ducks, Key to the Door, Dancing Queen and Legs Eleven rooms and in addition to £24,000 worth of jackpots Mecca Bingo has set aside an extra £6,000 to compensate those unlucky players that miss out by the dreaded 1TG and 2TG.

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