Bingo Linx at Sky Bingo

July 27, 2010

If you are one of those players who likes to play for the larger guaranteed jackpots, then linx games are the best games to look for at your favourite free deposit bingo sites. There are some fantastic jackpots on offer in the Bingo Linx  at Sky Bingo totalling a massive £8,000 every single day. This free deposit bingo sites linx games are all 90 ball bingo games and tickets will only cost players 50p each.

The first linx game at Sky Bingo is played at midday where players at this free deposit bingo site will be playing for a guaranteed jackpot of £1,500. The second Sky Bingo linx game is at 6pm and there is a guaranteed jackpot of £2,500 up for grabs. The final linx game of each day at this free deposit bingo site comes at 10.30pm and offers the biggest jackpot of these daily games. For just 50p a ticket Sky Bingo players will have the fabulous opportunity to win a massive £4,000.

The biggest linx jackpot of them all comes on the last Sunday of each month. At 10.30pm Sky Bingo offers its players a game with a staggering guaranteed jackpot of £10,000 to play bingo for. There is a maximum of 72 tickets for each of this free deposit bingo sites players to buy so if you have a few decent wins on any of the other standard games offered by Sky Bingo, you could max out on one of these fantastic games to win a guaranteed jackpot for a total of £36. This may seem like a lot of money, but when you consider the size of the guaranteed jackpots, some of you may feel it is worth optimising your chances by purchasing more tickets.

With the end of the month drawing close, why not check out some of the other bingo promotions on offer at Sky Bingo before they end.

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