Bonfire Night at Tombola Bingo

November 5, 2009

If you are one of those people to likes Bonfire Night to go with a bang then look no further than Tombola Bingo. This year, Bonfire Night at Tombola Bingo promises players new and old some explosive fun and bingo games to play. Tombola Bingo always gives players such a unique experience when they play bingo at their site, any kind of promotion is always going to give the same unique experience as well as a huge amount of excitement for anyone who plays bingo there.

For the festivities this year Tombola Bingo are running a series of £2,000 links. These games will take place at 8pm, 8.30pm, 9pm, 9.30pm and 10pm giving players at Tombola bingo, 5 fabulous games to play. All of these games will be in the bingo 90 game and you can be assured of a fantastic time, even if you are not a lucky winner at Tombola Bingo. Alongside these games the fabulous CMs will also be running some extra prize quizzes for players to take part in too. So bingo aside, there so much to had at Tombola Bingo on Bonfire night.

If you are yet to make a deposit at Tombola Bingo, then what better time to do it than Bonfire Night. This free deposit bingo site is offering to match your 1st deposit up to £25. So if you deposit £25 at Tombola Bingo on Bonfire Night, you will have a massive £50 to use to take part in all of the celebrations that come with such a great evening at Tombola Bingo.

So take advantage of the unique gaming experience that Tombola Bingo has to offer and maybe you would be one of the lucky winners to walk away with one of the fantastic £2,000 pots.

Tombola Bingo deposit

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