New VRoom promotion at Virgin Bingo

November 11, 2009

Since their fantastic advertising campaign earlier this year, Virgin Bingo seems to be moving on at a terrific rate. The promotions that have been on offer at Virgin Bingo have been second to none, and they just keep coming. This of course makes it much more fun and exciting when you play bingo at Virgin Bingo and with the new V*Room promotion at Virgin Bingo, it seems that things will stay that way for some time to come. With this fabulous new bingo promotion from Virgin Bingo you have the chance of bagging some extra Virgin Points (V*Points).

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Free Money at Quicksilver Bingo

November 10, 2009

There seems to be a lot of internet bingo sites that are adding new games at the moment. Some of them are new variations of bingo, which of course enhance your gaming experience when you play bingo. Others are in the form of mini games and slot games. With that we are finding that some sites are now offering their players money to try those games out and this is the reason that you can get free money at Quicksilver Bingo this month.

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Free bingo jackpots at Foxy Bingo

November 6, 2009

Just when you think you have had the best from your favourite internet bingo site, you log in to play bingo with them, only to find they have upped the stakes once again. This of course is very exciting for those of us who play bingo online, as it usually means more money to play for and at times we spend less. The latest offering from Foxy Bingo comes in this weeks Thank Foxy it’s Friday Promotion. Of course they have the weekly £10,000 guaranteed jackpot game, but this week there are over £1,000 in free bingo jackpots at Foxy Bingo too.

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Bonfire Night at Tombola Bingo

November 5, 2009

If you are one of those people to likes Bonfire Night to go with a bang then look no further than Tombola Bingo. This year, Bonfire Night at Tombola Bingo promises players new and old some explosive fun and bingo games to play. Tombola Bingo always gives players such a unique experience when they play bingo at their site, any kind of promotion is always going to give the same unique experience as well as a huge amount of excitement for anyone who plays bingo there.

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Get your tickets for the Foxy Bingo Cruise

November 4, 2009

If you play bingo regularly at Foxy Bingo, you will have seen the recent offer and promotions that they have been running, giving their players the chance to bag themselves some free tickets for the event of the year. If you were not lucky enough to bag some of the free tickets then you can still get your tickets for the Foxy Bingo Cruise, as they are now on sale. These tickets can be purchased from P&O for the bargain price of just £84 per cabin. This cruise sails from Hull to Amsterdam on Monday 16th November and returns to Hull on Wednesday 18th September.

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High street voucher giveaway at Sun Bingo

November 3, 2009

When ever we play bingo at our favourite sites we always find some kind of fantastic offer or promotion to take part in. The latest high street voucher giveaway at Sun Bingo is a typical example of one that you have to be in on. With over £5 million in prizes won every single week.

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100k jackpot at Mecca Bingo

November 2, 2009

If you play bingo at Mecca Bingo you will have noticed that they have been making a lot of additions to their online bingo site. We have recently seen the introduction of Deal or No Deal bingo and Snakes and Ladders bingo but we have also noticed a drive in the promotions side of the site as well. This latest offering sees a massive 100k jackpot at Mecca Bingo up for grabs, and it is guaranteed to be won before 8th November 2009. This really would be a life changing amount of money to win, and someone is guaranteed to walk away as the lucky winner.

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Guaranteed games at Sky Bingo

November 1, 2009

There is nothing better than a great game of online bingo especially when there is a massive jackpot to be won. Well, now there are a few games that you can use to win these big prizes that you crave. The guaranteed games at Sky Bingo will have you all excited that you could win some big cash. Don’t say that we at Free Deposit Bingo don’t look out for you when it comes to these things.

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Halloween bingo spooktacular at William Hill

October 30, 2009

We all know that Halloween is the time of year when ‘spooksters’ think it will be funny to jump out of any crevice they can fit in to scare us. Everybody at Free Deposit Bingo hates this but luckily one site is doing a promotion to make being frightened a little bit more enjoyable. The Halloween bingo spooktacular at William Hill Bingo is all about stopping the scariness seem so bad.

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Trick or Treat at Sun Bingo

October 29, 2009

As we all know, this part of the year is filled with spooks and frights that will scare even the toughest of people which is bad news for all at Free Deposit Bingo. This is unfortunate for bingo lovers who are easily scared but one site has decided to make your Halloween more enjoyable by giving you the chance to win a trick or treat at Sun Bingo.

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