Multi-room bingo at Ladbrokes Bingo

September 30, 2009

There have been times for most of us when we go to play bingo at our favourite bingo site, only to find that our favourite bingo game is in one room and lots of our friends are scattered around other rooms playing their favourite games. This can sometimes make your bingo experience a little dull when you haven’t got those buddies around you to make you laugh and share a joke while you play bingo. Multi-room bingo at Ladbrokes Bingo may just be the answer that you have all been looking for.

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Fund with Paysafe cards at Think Bingo

September 29, 2009

If you have been waiting for pre-payment type of option to fund your account at Think Bingo, you will be pleased that the wait is now over. Some of you who use the internet to play bingo, don’t always like to use debit cards or credit cards to fund your accounts and some of you are not able to. This can mean that your choice of sites to play bingo at, may be somewhat limited if they don’t offer some kind of alternative option. However, we can tell you that you will now be able to fund with Paysafe cards at Think Bingo.

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Prizes at Foxy Bingo

September 28, 2009

It’s that time of the week again when you can win some fantastic prizes at Foxy Bingo. Every Monday you can play Bingo at Foxy Bingo and win some super goodies. The selection of prizes on offer for the Super Prize Night at Foxy Bingo changes from week to week and tonight you have the chance to play bingo and win some fantastic jewellery. So if you haven’t got that special someone in your life to treat you at the moment, then why not give Foxy Bingo the chance to treat you. Read more

This weekend at Virgin Bingo

September 25, 2009

The last Friday of the month usually means pay day for most of us, so why not play bingo this weekend at Virgin Bingo and flutter away a few of those hard earned pennies? As always, there is loads of great bingo to be played at this weekend as well as a couple of ongoing promotions.

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Virgin Bingo TV campaign

September 24, 2009

All too often we sit down to watch our favourite TV programme to find that not only is the programme sponsored by an internet bingo site, but we are also inundated with adverts from other bingo sites during the commercial breaks. News has just reached us that in October we will have the pleasure of seeing the first ever Virgin Bingo TV campaign on our screens.

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Win a birthday bonus at Eyes Down Bingo

September 23, 2009

Your birthday is always a special time of the year and in particular a day for you to be treated. It’s your birthday at the end of the day and with this fabulous promotion you can win a birthday bonus at Eyes Down Bingo. This is their way of treating you on your special day and if you play bingo and more to the point, if you enjoy playing bingo at Eyes Down Bingo then they couldn’t give you anything better.

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Try out Foxy Flutter

September 22, 2009

After the recent introduction of Foxy Zero, the brands free-to-play bingo site and Foxy Street, we thought you might be interested to try out Foxy Flutter. For those of you who play bingo at Foxy Bingo, or have visited any of the other sites that they have launched, you will know that you can expect the same high quality gaming experience when you visit Foxy Flutter.

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Win a holiday at Littlewoods Bingo

September 21, 2009

Don’t you just hate it when one of your free deposit bingo promotions comes to an end? Well as the saying goes ‘all good things come to an end’, but there is nothing to say they can’t come back in the world of online bingo. This is exactly what has happened here. The promotional favourite to win a holiday at Littlewoods Bingo proved so popular that they have decided to give it another run.

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Pensioner banned from Mecca Bingo

September 18, 2009

Rose Clemson, a pensioner from Chester, has been banned from all Mecca Bingo halls for arranging a coach trip to a rival bingo hall. Leaving fellow players angered by the decision they have branded Mecca Bingo, which is one of the biggest names in the world of conventional bingo halls and free deposit bingo sites, as childish and stupid.

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New daily promotion at Virgin Bingo

September 17, 2009

The nights are drawing in and the sun is going into hiding ready for the winter months, which leaves us very little to smile about at the moment. There is now a new daily promotion at Virgin Bingo which doesn’t just aim to make you smile, but you could be in for an evening of absolute laughter if you are lucky enough to win when you play bingo at Virgin Bingo.

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