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June 24, 2009

If you love chat games then this free deposit bingo site is the place for you. If you are looking for that little bit of extra fun while you are playing bingo then Chat Games at Sun Bingo could be right up your street.

With a fantastic variety of chat games to play, you will be spoilt for choice at Sun Bingo and can be sure to have a fun filled day playing bingo.

See how fast your fingers are by playing 2 Fat Ladies. When the number “88” is called, the 1st person to type “2 Fat Ladies” into chat wins. If there is no winner it will roll over to the next game at Sun Bingo.

If you are a film buff, then playing Movie Quotes at Sun Bingo could be more your style. The Chat Host will type a quote from a movie into chat and the 1st person to guess the movie which it comes from correctly wins the game.

Being a nation of music lovers then why not use music for a chat game? Name that tune is a lyrics game where the Chat Host will time the 1st few words of a song into chat. The 1st lucky player to guess the song correctly wins the game.

This free deposit bingo site has so many exciting chat games to offer. 2 Little Ducks, Who am I/What am I and Lunchtime/Late Headlines to name only a few. Each and everyone is different and it is guaranteed there will be something there for everyone and the Chat Host will reward each lucky winner with a cash prize. So log into your free deposit bingo account at Sun Bingo and join in the daily chat game fun.

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