Cheeky Bingo free bingo

April 29, 2009

Not many online bingo sites that offer free deposit bingo bonuses also offer free bingo all day every day but that is exactly what you will find at Cheeky Bingo. New players to the site and players who have been their for a while can all enjoy Cheeky Bingo free bingo 24 hours a day seven days a week but there are advantages to making the most of your free deposit bingo bonus when making a financial transaction at the site.

By making a deposit at Cheeky Bingo you not only get to see the benefits of a massive 200% free deposit bingo bonus on your first transaction but all others also earn 50% from as little as a £5 deposit. Playing the Cheeky Bingo free bingo games is all good fun but making a deposit means that you can immediately withdraw any winnings that comes from either the free bingo games at this internet bingo site or any of the pay to play games.

Imagine if you are lucky enough to win the big £5,000 guaranteed jackpot that plays weekly at Cheeky Bingo and you haven’t as yet made a deposit. Could you cash out your winnings? Well if you read the terms and conditions of the Cheeky Bingo free bingo games and all associated games you will see that “you have a minimum of £30 in your internet bingo account and that you have previously deposited a minimum of £5”. This implies that if no deposit has been made when you win big at Cheeky Bingo then you are unable to withdraw your winnings.

Of course this is standard practice at many internet bingo sites and whilst we all love the Cheeky Bingo free bingo games we cannot entirely expect to get something for nothing from what is ultimately a business. Our advice is simple; to fully enjoy the benefits of Cheeky Bingo free bingo make at least one deposit to take advantage of the free deposit bingo bonus available and ensure that any winnings are then available for withdrawal.

Cheeky Bingo free bingo
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