Hot Slots promotion at Quicksilver Bingo

November 18, 2009

If you play bingo regularly at Quicksilver Bingo, you will be aware of the popular Slot of the Week promotion that runs every week. This is where the team at Quicksilver Bingo pick a slot game to be the slot of the week and run a fabulous promotion alongside this game that is open to players who play the slot game of the week. This week’s game of the week is called Sunset Dreams and is incorporated into the Hot Slots promotion at Quicksilver Bingo.

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Wednesday jackpots at Sky Bingo

November 17, 2009

It’s always appealing to settle down for an evening to play bingo at your favourite site and look forward to an array of big jackpot games to play for. Wednesday jackpots at Sky Bingo offer you just that. Every single Wednesday at Sky Bingo, you can play for a massive £11,000 in guaranteed prize money. This is a tidy sum up for grabs at Sky Bingo for just one evening and a chance that you will surely not want to miss out on. So if you are a jackpot chaser and always look for the big jackpots running when you play bingo, then look no further than Sky Bingo on a Wednesday evening as you can find all this is one place.

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William Hill Bingo

November 16, 2009

Many of us associate the name William Hill with high street betting shops. Traditionally, these kinds of shops were used for betting on the races. However, things have moved on rapidly in recent years, which have seen these kinds of names expanding to other areas of gambling and William Hill Bingo is just one of those examples. It is pleasing to see that William Hill Bingo does not divert away from its traditional look when you log onto the William Hill Bingo website. The colour scheme, logo and simplicity pretty much relates to what you would see if you were to stand and look at the front of a William Hill betting shop. This can only be a good thing as it provides a degree of familiarity for people to choose to play bingo at William Hill Bingo.

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Secret free bingo at Foxy Bingo

November 13, 2009

It’s that time of the week where regular plays at Foxy Bingo start to get excited. The Thank Foxy its Friday promotion always brings a great deal of fun and excitement for people who play bingo online. This week there will be secret free bingo at Foxy Bingo for players to enjoy. The secret free bingo games that Foxy Bingo has to offer this week in this promotion, is offering players a massive £1,000 in guaranteed jackpots to play for.

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Free bingo at Ladbrokes Bingo

November 12, 2009

Here at Free Deposit Bingo we strive to bring you up to date news on the best promotions and offers. As well as some of our favourite sites to play bingo at, we know that everyone loves to play bingo when you don’t have to pay for it and this latest offer of free bingo at Ladbrokes Bingo is sure to get players of online bingo, fighting for their virtual seats to get in on this fabulous chance at Ladbrokes Bingo.

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New VRoom promotion at Virgin Bingo

November 11, 2009

Since their fantastic advertising campaign earlier this year, Virgin Bingo seems to be moving on at a terrific rate. The promotions that have been on offer at Virgin Bingo have been second to none, and they just keep coming. This of course makes it much more fun and exciting when you play bingo at Virgin Bingo and with the new V*Room promotion at Virgin Bingo, it seems that things will stay that way for some time to come. With this fabulous new bingo promotion from Virgin Bingo you have the chance of bagging some extra Virgin Points (V*Points).

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Free Money at Quicksilver Bingo

November 10, 2009

There seems to be a lot of internet bingo sites that are adding new games at the moment. Some of them are new variations of bingo, which of course enhance your gaming experience when you play bingo. Others are in the form of mini games and slot games. With that we are finding that some sites are now offering their players money to try those games out and this is the reason that you can get free money at Quicksilver Bingo this month.

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Sky Bingo

November 9, 2009

Sky Bingo is one of those names that jumps out you as soon as you hear it. Sky is a well known and trusted brand and this is a very important factor in the world of internet bingo. When you play bingo online, you will want to be assured that you are going to get value for money, excellent customer service and above all, the entertainment you would expect when you play bingo at any online bingo site. When you first visit the Sky Bingo homepage you will find a simple but effective colour scheme. The background is very neutral making the information available stand out without being over powering.
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Free bingo jackpots at Foxy Bingo

November 6, 2009

Just when you think you have had the best from your favourite internet bingo site, you log in to play bingo with them, only to find they have upped the stakes once again. This of course is very exciting for those of us who play bingo online, as it usually means more money to play for and at times we spend less. The latest offering from Foxy Bingo comes in this weeks Thank Foxy it’s Friday Promotion. Of course they have the weekly £10,000 guaranteed jackpot game, but this week there are over £1,000 in free bingo jackpots at Foxy Bingo too.

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Bonfire Night at Tombola Bingo

November 5, 2009

If you are one of those people to likes Bonfire Night to go with a bang then look no further than Tombola Bingo. This year, Bonfire Night at Tombola Bingo promises players new and old some explosive fun and bingo games to play. Tombola Bingo always gives players such a unique experience when they play bingo at their site, any kind of promotion is always going to give the same unique experience as well as a huge amount of excitement for anyone who plays bingo there.

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