Foxy-Fy Your Laptop With 10% Discount

August 20, 2009

Being one of the most well known sites in the world of free deposit bingo, why not endorse your personal items with the logo of your favourite online bingo site. Up until 31st August 2009, you can Foxy-Fy Your laptop with a fantastic 10% discount at There is a very vast Foxy Bingo range for you to purchase like protective covers, stickers and it isn’t just for lap tops.

You can endorse almost anything with the Foxy Bingo logo; like iPod or games consoles, the list is endless and you can design any of them just how you want to. This is a great way of protecting those precious personal items and this free deposit bingo site has teamed up with to give you all a 10% discount. You can choose another image, a Foxy Bingo logo or even upload your own images to use on your design.

To take advantage of this 10% discount, all you need to do is make your purchase before 31st August 2009 and enter the code FOXY10 at the cashier of and you will then receive your discount thanks to Foxy Bingo.

The Wrappz are made of patented vinyl and are easy to apply and remove. You can rest assured that when removed they will not leave any unwanted residue on you items, so not only are they perfected protected by the Wrappz but they won’t be spoiled when removed, whatever their value.

There is a great deal of information on the site as to how the Wrappz work and any questions or concerns that you may have will almost certainly be answered. So log in to your free deposit bingo account at Foxy Bingo and follow the link to and take advantage of this fabulous 10% discount. Your items will look trendy and personalised, but will also be well protected against knocks and bumps and scratches.

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