Free Bingo

Free bingo is a phrase that online bingo players the world over love to hear about and it can come in many forms. The most popular when playing online bingo has to be when an online bingo site offers a free bingo promotion with real cash prizes. This can be found at many of the bingo sites available on line with Foxy Bingo being a site that offers free bingo on a fairly regular basis.

A free bingo promotion at Foxy Bingo recently saw online bingo players offered a bingo game every 30 minutes that held no cost to buy bingo tickets but saw prizes ranging for £10 right up to £1,000 on the free bingo games.

From the same camp as Foxy Bingo, Cheeky Bingo brings a whole new spin on the concept of free bingo. This bingo site offers free bingo 24 hours and day, seven days a week to its online bingo members and they don’t even have to have made a deposit at the site to win real cash prizes in two dedicated bingo rooms.

Other sites like Wink Bingo offer free bingo daily and these games play each day at their online bingo site. In contrast to the Foxy Bingo promotion for free bingo the Wink Bingo games are played twice daily at 2pm and then 7.30pm with players having the opportunity to win £50 jackpots in these games. However the free bingo room at Wink Bingo is only open to players who have made a deposit at their bingo site.

Free bingo is also offered at many other online bingo sites on a promotional basis and if you read our news section on a regular basis you will be kept up to date as to when these promotional sessions are taking place and at which online bingo site.

Whilst free bingo is a superb concept and many players on a tight bingo budget seek out these types of games they don’t hold the big jackpot prizes of the pay to play bingo games so if you are looking to win life changing amounts of money then free bingo may not be the way to play.

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