Free game at Tombola Bingo

October 15, 2009

After the recent launch of their massive advertising campaign, the offers just keep on coming from Tombola Bingo. This, along with the announcement that they will soon to be sponsoring Emmerdale must surely mean that this advertising campaign has been a huge success. If you play bingo regularly at Tombola Bingo, you may well have come across the fantastic free game at Tombola Bingo that is on offer to their players. If you have not yet discovered the delights of Tombola Bingo, then now could be a great time to open an account and find out for yourself.

This free bingo game that is on offer from Tombola Bingo is called Lucky Pick. Each day players have six chances to reveal a cash prize. There are 49 boxes in this free game from Tombola Bingo and behind each one there is a cash amount. Play the game from Monday to Sunday and you could win up to £500 if you manage to match enough cash amounts throughout the week. You will only need to match three cash amounts to win £5 and seven for a stab at £500, but this game from Tombola Bingo is free, so you have got nothing to loose by giving it a shot.

So if you would like to play bingo at Tombola Bingo and are not yet a member, then why not join and take advantage of the money match offer they have for all new players who join them. They will give you up to £25 cash match on your 1st deposit at Tombola Bingo so you will have plenty of cash to play bingo and try out some of the exciting games and bingo promotions on offer at Tombola Bingo and of course, the opportunity to try out the free game that they have on offer.

Tombola Bingo deposit
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