Friday 13th at William Hill Bingo

August 12, 2010

Thirteen is superstitiously regarded as an unlucky number but as we all know, this is merely a myth and one of your favourite free deposit bingo sites sets out to prove this in spectacular fashion this month. Friday 13th at William Hill Bingo will be the luckiest day of the month for some of this free deposit bingo sites players if they take part in this amazing promotion at William Hill Bingo.

If you are one of those people who are superstitious about Friday 13th, then you may well choose to stay at home in order to avoid any bad things happening. If this is the case then why not spend the time at William Hill Bingo and see if they can change you mind and make Friday the 13th a lucky day for you.

This free deposit bingo sites Friday 13th promotion will take place in the Community Room tomorrow and William Hill Bingo have a huge £200 pot to share between players who call bingo on the number 13. The first five games where bingo is  called  on this number for the full house, will win an equal share of this free deposit bingo sites pot and this will surely be enough to change any ideas about the number 13 being unlucky.

William Hill Bingo players will need to be aware that they must purchase a minimum of six bingo tickets in the game which they win on the number 13 to qualify for the bonus payout. Those who do win will receive their win in the form of bonus funds and this will be paid into their William Hill Bingo account by 5pm on Monday 16th August. However, this free deposit bingo sites bonus funds will only be valid for one week from the date that they are credited.

There are also some other great bingo promotions on offer at William Hill Bingo this month, so why not have a look at those too while you are there.

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