Friday at Foxy Bingo

August 25, 2010

There is no doubt that the cost of living is going up at an incredible rate which leaves every household with less money in their pockets. However, one of your favourite free deposit bingo sites has the answer to this for one lucky player. This Friday at Foxy Bingo one of you will walk away from a bingo game with the fantastic prize of having your bills paid for a whole year. This means that the winner will have more cash to spend on whatever they want and may even indulge in a few extra games at Foxy Bingo.

Fridays at Foxy Bingo are always great fun as this is when this free deposit bingo sites Thank Foxy it’s Friday promotion takes place and not only do you have this bingo game to win your bills paid to play at just 1p per card but you also have this free deposit bingo sites regular Friday offerings to keep you going.

Foxy Bingo also have one of their special 100% bonus days on Fridays too, so if you deposit £10 into your bingo account this free deposit bingo site will give you another £10 free, a fantastic way to double your cash. There is also the Foxy Bingo everyone’s a winner instant game for you to play. This is available for a limited time, so make sure you play every day to win as much as you possibly can before this game from Foxy Bingo ends.

Of course we shouldn’t forget the fantastic £10,000 game which plays at Foxy Bingo each Friday. Offering £1,000 to the one line winner, £2,000 to the two line winner and a whopping £6,000 to the full house winner, this free deposit bingo sites Big Money Game is what makes Fridays bingo promotions so special at Foxy Bingo. The game plays at 9pm and the cards are available up to a week in advance for just £1 each.

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