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September 29, 2009

If you have been waiting for pre-payment type of option to fund your account at Think Bingo, you will be pleased that the wait is now over. Some of you who use the internet to play bingo, don’t always like to use debit cards or credit cards to fund your accounts and some of you are not able to. This can mean that your choice of sites to play bingo at, may be somewhat limited if they don’t offer some kind of alternative option. However, we can tell you that you will now be able to fund with Paysafe cards at Think Bingo.

The Paysafecard is a pre-paid voucher which can be purchased from any of your local retailers who have the PayPoint logo, which you may be familiar with. You can also buy these vouchers online in various amounts, which will make purchasing much easier. However, there are a few rumblings on the Think Bingo Forum that some have had a problem with depositing the left over £5 from a £25 Paysafecard. Look at the Think Bingo Forum for an update before you select your Paysafecard. You will also find instructions on how to fund your account using this method.

There have been requests for this type of payment method, from people who play bingo at Think Bingo for a while, but this move from Think Bingo seems to have been influenced by the problems that players have had of late when trying to fund their free deposit bingo accounts. Another less recent addition to the Think Bingo funding system is the MasterCard SureCode system. Although much more secure, some people have found themselves unable to fund their accounts when they have wanted to play bingo at Think Bingo, hence this recent addition.

If you have not yet discovered the Think Bingo forum, then why not join? Just click on the forum link from the Think Bingo homepage and follow the instructions. You will be amazed at all the extra freebies up for grabs and bingo promotions to take part in, as well as keeping up with all the latest Think Bingo news.

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