Gala Bingo raise money for charity

September 16, 2009

A Gala Bingo hall in Southampton is taking part in a national drive to raise money for Sue Ryder Care. In a time span of 18 months, Gala Bingo aims to raise £1 million for charity. The £756 raised by one single Gala Bingo hall in just a month, is a big contribution to this aim. Big bingo names such as Gala Bingo raise money for charity all over the country, but this one hall in particular has made a massive contribution to the nationwide bid.

The Gala Bingo hall in Lords Hill have done far more than just play bingo. The regular players have all got involved in organising prize draws and Tombolas, local businesses have helped out with providing prizes. This month alone the hall has managed to raise £756 and a branch total of £1,500.

You don’t have to play bingo in a local Gala Bingo hall to take part in this national fundraising drive. You can always play free deposit bingo at Gala Bingo online and play the special game for which 10p of every £1 spent will be donated to Sue Ryder Care. Or if you do not manage to play bingo for the charity game, you can always make a voluntary contribution on line via the Gala Bingo website.

These are not the normal kind of bingo promotions where you are encouraged to spend lots of money and maybe win a prize, it is a way of simply giving a little back to the community when you play bingo at Gala Bingo. Whether you choose to play bingo in a hall or play bingo online, there will always be a way that Sue Ryder Care benefits from the money that you spend to play bingo.

So log onto Gala bingo and look at the ways you can contribute and help Gala Bingo reach their goal of £1 million.

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