Halloween bingo spooktacular at William Hill

October 30, 2009

We all know that Halloween is the time of year when ‘spooksters’ think it will be funny to jump out of any crevice they can fit in to scare us. Everybody at Free Deposit Bingo hates this but luckily one site is doing a promotion to make being frightened a little bit more enjoyable. The Halloween bingo spooktacular at William Hill Bingo is all about stopping the scariness seem so bad.

All the games you wouldn’t want to miss will be held at William Hill Bingo on Halloween, Saturday 31st October, to keep the eerie mood that the day entails. All at Free Deposit Bingo think that is a brilliant idea because you don’t get scarier than Halloween itself.

The first thing that will calm those nerves is the poltergeist games at William Hill Bingo. These will be held in the Community room and aren’t as frightening as they sound. Due to some sneaky spooks, the games of bingo you would normally play have been changed, so you might win the full house pot on just one or two lines. What a shame, looks like we are going to have to sacrifice more space in our accounts for this extra cash, not a problem. If anything we at Free Deposit Bingo love keeping our accounts full to the brim.

The second little treat, rather than trick, will be the £10 bingo bonus you can acquire. All you have to do is call a full house in the Community room on a number ending in 0. The only way you can win this is by doing it between midday and 2pm or between 7pm and 11pm.

As if all that wasn’t enough there is one final thing that is sure to keep you jolly on this haunted holiday. If you play between 10am and 11am or between 8pm and 9pm, and you buy more than six cards and don’t win you will get a special treat. This treat is a special scratch card that gives you a second chance to win. This could get you another £10 in bonus money.

So, if you want to get some extra cash whilst having a spooky time playing, then get down to the Halloween bingo spooktacular at William Hill Bingo. Everyone from Free Deposit Bingo will be there enjoying this bingo promotions spoils .

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