Hamster race at Tombola Bingo

October 26, 2009

This month seems to have been a maze of promotions, new sites and new ways to play bingo. In fact, to the degree that we just don’t know which piece of news to bring you first. October certainly has been a very exciting month in the world of internet bingo and we can imagine that November could be even more exciting. So to re-charge the batteries and wind down ready for the arrival of a new month, we thought we would bring you something a little more light hearted, but still as much fun. In that, we bring you Hamster Race at Tombola Bingo.

For those of you who play bingo at Tombola Bingo, you will be aware that they offer a completely different style of gaming and site to most of those that we are familiar with. You can play free deposit bingo at many sites where you will find things similar in the way of horse racing. Horse racing has been a gambling tradition for many years and a form which many people take far too seriously for us light hearted people who play bingo. Tombola bingo use racing in the form of Hamster Race. It operates in just the same way as a horse race, in that you pick a hamster and hope it wins. But somehow, although the concept is the same, the experience of watching hamsters race down a track instead of horses, makes the game much more fun. Tombola Bingo offers a variety of stakes for you to choose from to bet on your choice of hamster. These stakes range from 25p – £2 and each hamster has a different prize depending on odds and the amount you stake.

With so much going on in the way of bingo promotions and new games, it is no surprise that people may just want to trying something different and at Tombola Bingo, you can certainly do that. Even if this game is too funny to take seriously at least it will create a few giggles.

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