Joy Pot at Wink Bingo

July 13, 2010

Linked promotional games between networked sites are something that could become a regular thing between no deposit bingo sites. Joy Pot at Wink Bingo is one of these kinds of promotions and is one that everyone will love. The other no deposit bingo sites that are involved with this promotion along with Wink Bingo are Tasty Bingo, Posh Bingo and Red Bus Bingo. If you play at any of these no deposit bingo sites then you may well be aware of exactly what this promotion is and how it works, but for those who have not heard about it, it is important to bring them up to speed.

The Joy Pot is worth a total of £100,000 and this is shared pot between all of the participating no deposit Bingo sites. The Joy Pot game will take place four times a year, once at each of these no deposit bingo sites and with Tasty Bingo recently playing their game, it is Wink Bingo that is the next in line. Each game pays the lucky winner a massive £25,000 guaranteed, but the best part about this bingo promotion is that you can earn free Pot Points at Wink Bingo and across all of the other no deposit bingo sites that are part of this promotion. Before each Joy Pot game plays all points that each player has accumulated across all four sites will be merged and converted into free cards for the upcoming Joy Pot game.

You can also buy cards for £2 each but only from the no deposit bingo site which is hosting the game, so in this next instance it will be Wink Bingo. This game takes place on September 24th at 9pm, so you have just over two months to start clocking up your free Pot Points.

For details on how to earn Pot Points and when the remaining rollover bingo Joy Pot games are playing simply visit the promotions page at Wink Bingo.

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