Let Foxy Bingo fix your wedding

June 15, 2010

Getting married is one of the most expensive single events of any person life and it is not unreasonable to expect it to go off without a hitch. As many of us will know, this unfortunately isn’t always the case and any help that is available to make your dream day go smoothly will always be welcomed. You may have seen the Foxy’ll Fix It pages on the Foxy Bingo homepage and now you have the chance to let Foxy Bingo fix your wedding. Not that it needs fixing of course, but this freenodepositbingo site is offering a little help for your big day.

If you are getting married sometime in 2010, then Foxy Bingo would love to hear from you. This freenodepositbingo site wants to hear about all of your romantic proposals regardless of whether you were the one doing the proposing or your other half. If your proposal is the Foxy Bingo favourite then you will be the winner and this freenodepositbingo site will pay for your wedding cake up to the value of £750. Foxy Bingo will also throw in £1,000 to help cover some of your other wedding expenses.

These are the kind of bingo promotions that everyone loves as they are free to enter and the prize is greatly appreciated by the winner. All you need to do to enter is to email details of your romantic proposal to Foxy Bingo before 4th July 2010 and then wait to see if you are this freenodepositbingo sites winner. If you are the winner you must agree to send in photographs of your big day.

So if you are getting married this year and could do with a little help for the big day, all you have to do is get the details of your proposal in straight away and share some photos of the big day with everyone at Foxy Bingo.

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