New Ambassador for Ladbrokes Bingo

September 10, 2009

After being banned from her local hall for an anti social bingo order, Rose Clemson has become the new Ambassador for Ladbrokes Bingo. As she was no longer able to play bingo at her local hall anymore, Ladbrokes Bingo stepped in when they heard the news and appointed her as their first ever Ambassador.

Rose had been going to her local hall to play bingo for over 50 years and now Ladbrokes Bingo are sponsoring her to play bingo online. Setting up a fabulous sponsorship deal, they have provided Rose with a brand new top of the range laptop and a monthly budget into her account so that she can now play bingo via the internet. Being one of the most well known names in the world of gambling, Ladbrokes Bingo have also gone that one step further and now plan to present Rose with her very own mobility scooter to help her spread the news. In return for this generous gesture from Ladbrokes bingo, Rose will now act as an advisor for Ladbrokes Bingo for their new games and bingo promotions.

Now that Rose is all set up with everything she needs to play bingo from the comfort of her own home, she will soon learn what a fabulous site Ladbrokes Bingo is and what super bingo promotions they have on offer. Soon her friends and family will be joining her to free deposit bingo online, once they hear what a great experience it is to play bingo straight from your armchair. What’s more, none of them need to worry about getting an anti social bingo order when they play bingo at home.

After playing bingo for such a long time, Rose is destined to be a very valuable and experienced asset to the site, as will Ladbrokes Bingo to Rose.

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