New Tombola Bingo Advert

August 24, 2009

The new Tombola Bingo advert has been very cleverly set in an exotic environment. This free deposit bingo site has opted to give viewers a tour of its bingo site by using the surroundings in which the advert has been set by driving people around in vehicle viewing various road signs which each advertise the various types of games that you can play at Tombola Bingo.

The fact that this free deposit bingo site has chosen such a location in which to shoot the advert, gives potential customers the feeling that Tombola Bingo is actually a very special and desirable place to play. This is naturally a very appealing concept to people who view the advert, so quite naturally they will want to go and try out the site, therefore, Tombola Bingo have done what they have aimed to do, and grabbed the interest of the public.

This advert had been kept quite simple and gimmicks have been kept very subtle and very minimal which in turn makes the aim of the advert much easier for the viewer to grasp and understand, this also help to keep everyone attention which is vital if you want people to be interested.

Take a look:

There are many games that can be played at this free deposit bingo site, but they have chosen to only include in the advert the ones which people will understand or ones that sound interesting. Often throwing a wide variety of games into an advert will only confuse people and give them a sense of muddle, which is obviously something that will only have a negative effect.

The use of the word “ola” taken from Tombola, also leaves people feeling that this advert has been filmed in Spain. Ola translated to English means “wave”, so again this is a very clever and subtle way of saying welcome.

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