New VRoom promotion at Virgin Bingo

November 11, 2009

Since their fantastic advertising campaign earlier this year, Virgin Bingo seems to be moving on at a terrific rate. The promotions that have been on offer at Virgin Bingo have been second to none, and they just keep coming. This of course makes it much more fun and exciting when you play bingo at Virgin Bingo and with the new V*Room promotion at Virgin Bingo, it seems that things will stay that way for some time to come. With this fabulous new bingo promotion from Virgin Bingo you have the chance of bagging some extra Virgin Points (V*Points).

This new V*Room promotion from Virgin Bingo is a new room which will open every Monday and Thursday at 6pm. You will need to qualify to gain entry to it by spending £5 or more on bingo tickets in the three day prior to the V*Room opening. Once you gain access to the V*Room will you find, via the Hidden Secrets room, you will play a series of free games where you can bag yourself some extra V*Points. These of course, like most other loyalty schemes can be used to play bingo with at Virgin Bingo.

There will be five free V*Point games every time the V*Room at Virgin Bingo opens and there are V*Point prizes for the one line, two lines and three lines for each and every game you play at Virgin Bingo for this promotion. However, you need to bear in mind that you will need to have a positive real cash credit in your account to access the V*Room at Virgin Bingo, so if you are short of cash, just make sure you keep a few pennies in there in order to qualify.

As with all bingo promotions, we advise that you log into your Virgin Bingo account and check out the terms of this offer in the promotions section and make sure you are clear on the criteria set out by Virgin Bingo in order to qualify.

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