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June 10, 2009

What better night for fun than Friday. Party Chat Games at Think Bingo are sure to get you in the mood. With impressive amounts of Think Point (TPs) on offer, this free deposit bingo site knows how to go all the way to get their roomies in the mood.

Kick off at 8pm at and play “Shots”. Simply pick a row of numbers across the Think Bingo call board to line up your shots. The 1st Player to have all of the numbers in their row lit up and call out “Shots” in chat wins 3000 TPs. If there is no winner, the TPs are carried over to the next game.

Then at 8.30pm play “Pin the Tail on the Celebrity”. The Think Bingo CM will give you clues about a certain celebrity. If the name of the celebrity is guessed after one clue, the 1st lucky winner to guess correctly will get 3000 TPs, if guessed after 2 clues they will get 2000 TPs and 1000 TPs from then on.

Think Bingo then turns up the heat at 9pm with “Party Risk”. This free deposit bingo site will really test your nerve. When you win on bingo you also win 1000 TPs for the player listed below you in chat. The player below you then chooses whether to gamble those TPs or not. If they choose not to they simply walk away with the point. If the decide to gamble, you then have to guess whether the 1st ball called in the next game of bingo will be odd or even. If you guess correctly the person below you in chat will walk away with 3000 TPs which is £3’s worth of free bingo. Get it wrong and they go home with nothing.

Finally a chance to bag yourself some serious TPs at this free deposit bingo site. At 9.30pm join Think Bingo and play “Pass the Parcel”. All you need to do is pick a number from the bingo call board. The 1st player who calls “Pass the Parcel” in chat when their number is called wins 1000 TPs, but with each game until 10pm, the prize increases by 1000 TPS. By the end there could be as much as 8000 TPs on offer!

Log into your free deposit bingo account at Think Bingo to join the Friday fun.

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