Pensioner banned from Mecca Bingo

September 18, 2009

Rose Clemson, a pensioner from Chester, has been banned from all Mecca Bingo halls for arranging a coach trip to a rival bingo hall. Leaving fellow players angered by the decision they have branded Mecca Bingo, which is one of the biggest names in the world of conventional bingo halls and free deposit bingo sites, as childish and stupid.

The bingo giant decided to ban the pensioner, claiming that she had beached Mecca Bingo hall rules. Having been a member for over 50 years, Rose was absolutely devastated that she was no longer able to play bingo at her second home with her friends.

Thankfully another free deposit bingo site has come to Rose’s rescue. When Ladbrokes Bingo heard of her plight they jumped into the breach. Rose has now become this bingo sites 1st ambassador. They are now sponsoring the pensioner to play bingo online. This bingo sites good will toward the pensioner has stretched as far as providing  her with her very own laptop and a budget into her account to play bingo. Rose will soon experience the benefits of using online bingo sites and her regular Mecca Bingo hall will soon become a distant memory.

These are the kinds of incident that are not helping the bingo halls in their struggle to survive and complete with internet based bingo sites.

A name as big as Mecca Bingo who also have internet based bingo sites, is not going to promote its halls or its bingo sites in a good light, when it appears to practically hand over a long standing player to a rival site such as Ladbrokes, for what appears to be more down to pride than rules. Once Rose has got the feel for playing bingo in the comfort of her own home, her bingo pals are sure to follow suit very soon.

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