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July 30, 2009

You can join in with the chat fun if you play Team Bingo at Bingo Liner, every Friday evening in the Starboard Lounge. This free deposit bingo sites team bingo is quite different to many other types of team bingo that you are likely to find on other online bingo sites. You don’t have to form teams and hunt around for bingo buddies who want to join your team.

To take part in this free deposit bingo sites team bingo is very simple. All you need to do is join the Starboard Lounge between 6pm and 10pm every Friday night where you can take part and start cruising for cash with Bingo Liner. Pick a number between 1 and 75. This will be your Cruise Ship. No one is allowed to share numbers so this number is exclusively yours for the duration. For each bingo game you will need to watch for your chosen number to come out when it does you will need to yell out in chat “Cruising for Cash” and this will move your Cruise Ship Forward in the game. At the end of the Team Bingo Game, whoever has travelled the furthest with their Cruise Ship will win the Cruising for Cash prize at Bingo Liner.

Be the 1st ship to travel 5 miles to win the top prize of £25 in bbs (bingo bonus). If you come in 2nd by travelling 3 miles you will win £20 in bbs and by travelling 1 mile and getting 3rd place you will receive £15 in bbs.

Team Bingo at this free deposit bingo site is great fun to take part in and has a fantastic prize at the end if you manage to come in one of the top 3 spots. So if you haven’t played Team Bingo at Bingo Liner before, make sure you give it a try this Friday and you could bag yourself some free bbs to play your favourite game with.

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Play Team Bingo at Bingo Liner


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