Speedy Bingo

April 23, 2009

Many online bingo operators have now added speed bingo to their online games. Online bingo is fiercely competitive and the addition of speed bingo is probably more important than the addition of a new slot or a mini game to a site.

Basically speed bingo will see a new number called out every second in an online bingo game, whereas a normal game of bingo would see a number called out every 2 and a half seconds.

Jackpots offered on these sites can be quite significant amounts, so players can find themselves £10,000 richer in less time than it takes to make a drink.

This in effect means that online bingo is even easier to fit around a player’s daily routine. However, online bingo is also about the chat and social side of things and not just the playing; so in effect people will become very adept at combining playing a fast moving game of bingo as well as chatting to their online friends at the same time. Therefore, this helps them to hone extremely good skills in brain development and concentration.

One thing is for sure, it will certainly be fascinating to see how the arrival of Speed Bingo affects the online bingo industry. It is certainly great to see the continued development of online bingo.

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