Springo at Sky Bingo

April 28, 2010

With a trusted brand such as Sky Bingo you just know that whatever promotions they offer to their players are going to be something special and Springo at Sky Bingo is certainly just that. You just think that free deposit bingo can’t get any better and Sky Bingo launch a promotion like this and it makes you wonder where ideas like this come from. All we can say is that there must be some very clever people working behind the scenes at some free deposit bingo sites, to be able to create something as exciting as this.

You will need to register for Springo at Sky Bingo to reap the many rewards that this bingo promotion offers. This free deposit bingo sites promotion started on 19th April and will end on 16th May. So there is plenty of time to log into your account at Sky Bingo and register for this fantastic one off promotion. Those who register to take part you will get their very own Sky Springo website which will display their personal calendar. For every day that you spend £1 on bingo tickets at Sky Bingo your calendar will be updated with a cross for the appropriate day but bear in mind this free deposit bingo sites updates could take up to 72 hours.

Your Springo website at Sky Bingo will also show a list of rewards that you can win, but what you can win will depend on how may days you play bingo during this bingo promotions duration. There will also be an optional bonus to keep your eyes open for on certain days, which is available to all Sky Bingo players who have registered for Springo.

If you want to know more about this free deposit bingo sites Springo promotion then log into your account at Sky Bingo right away and register, you never know what fantastic bonuses you could win.

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