Sun Bingo winner

May 26, 2009

A stay-at-home mum who won a massive jackpot of £39,869 when her lucky number 79 popped up was recently planning her first ever trip abroad after becoming a Sun Bingo winner! She said: “I was sitting at home rooting for number 79 to come out when playing at the free deposit bingo site of Sun Bingo. When it did I thought I’d won the £500 full-house prize.”

“Then I realised I’d won a lot more. I felt like I was dreaming, my whole body shook. I just started at the screen. I’d never even seen £40,000, never mind had to spend it as I wish. Now I’m a Sun Bingo winner and I couldn’t be happier!”

It is pretty ironic that the big win for this Sun Bingo winner came just after the family, only days earlier, had to cancel their annual holiday to Weston-Super-Mare as they couldn’t afford it.

The family are looking forward to enjoying other luxuries as well. They have never been able to go out and just buy something impulsively. The family said although they are not sure what they are going to spend the rest of the money on yet, it looks as though a Nintendo Wii is pretty high on the list after the mother became a Sun Bingo winner.

Sarah has been playing at Sun Bingo since last August and has made friends as well as money. She said: “On average I win about once a month, anything between £40 and £400. But it’s not all about the money at this free deposit bingo site. The other girls in the Yellow Room where I play have become really good friends and I look forward to chatting with them while online.”

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