Think Bingo Jackpots Galore

April 20, 2009

If you love bingo, love to win big, Think bingo is a fantastic place for you to become involved in. You just won’t know which Jackpot to try for first. You can try your luck at the £1000 guaranteed which is played amongst all of the £250 to £500 guaranteed jackpots; these are played for every single night. They have to be won, and someone has to win it!!

The fun just doesn’t stop there; Think Bingo just loves to give you wads of cash every single week!! They have their Saturday Stash, from 1pm; you could enjoy playing in a jackpot game every hour, including another chance to win a £1000 guaranteed jackpot!! Think Bingo, gives you 9 chances to win big from 1pm in Saturday Stash. If you don’t join in, you just can’t win!!

Sunday Snowball, is yet another chance for you to walk away with one of those jackpots, every hour they play a £2000 game for you to enjoy, with a whopping £1000 must go game at 9pm.

If you are sat there thinking, “Wow, that’s a lot, surely there can’t be anymore.” Guess what, you’re wrong, there is more, there is a whopping 40K worth of jackpots to be won every single month. On these jackpots you can pre buy your tickets so that you are able to win lots of money while you are out shopping, or having family time. You won’t have to miss a chance of winning big just because of your every day life. Absolutely fantastic!!

Don’t miss out on your chance to be Think Bingo’s next big winner. Join today, buy your tickets and watch out for all of those lovely jackpots.

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