Tombola Bingo is to sponsor Emmerdale

October 9, 2009

For those of you who play bingo at Tombola Bingo, you will have been aware or the massive advertising campaign that Tombola Bingo has recently launched. Those of you, who have yet to discover the pleasure of playing at Tombola Bingo, may well have seen the advertising campaign when you turn on your TV set. News that Tombola Bingo are to sponsor Emmerdale is certainly a sign that this recent advertising campaign has paid of in a big way, as the exposure that this sponsorship will bring to Tombola Bingo is tremendous.

Emmerdale is currently watched by 6.5 million viewers and as a programme based around a community, the sponsorship by Tombola Bingo is aiming its advertising in the right direction. Tombola Bingo wants to capture the interest of the viewers and present its bingo site as one with a real sense of community in itself, a site that will be a pleasure to play bingo at.

Tombola Bingo is also looking for players who would be willing to feature in the sponsorship bumper. So if you are one who enjoys showing off a little, then why not log into Tombola Bingo and find out how you could get yourself on the TV. If you have not yet played bingo at Tombola Bingo, then now could not be a better time to open an account and play bingo. The games that are offered at Tombola Bingo are quite unique and giving a refreshing feel to the game when you play bingo there. You then can also look at how you could take part in the sponsorship bumper and also take the opportunity to have a look at the Tombola Bingo promotions and games that they have to offer to the players that play bingo at this site.

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