Tryst Bingo Launches

July 23, 2010

Usually we get so excited about the launch of new online bingo sites but as Tryst Bingo launches this week we are having trouble working ourselves into the usual fervour. Now we love online bingo but Tryst Bingo is the latest in a long line of recent additions to the Cashcade Bingo network.

If you’ve been feeling like us then you’ll know exactly what we mean about Tryst Bingo. We love Cashcade and the software they play on, it offers some of the best 90 ball and 75 ball bingo around. However, just how many identical bingo sites can one bingo network support?

We’re not sure of the answer to that but for us, Tryst Bingo is one too many. Not that it’s not a wonderful bingo site, all the bingo sites on the Cashcade network are second to none as it’s one of the most user friendly and exciting software packages around.

If you do want to try out the games at Tryst Bingo then there is a 100% deposit bonus for all new players and as with other sites on this network, each and every deposit earns you another 50%. As generous as that is, there are other bingo sites on the network offering the same bonuses, making us wonder why anyone would choose Tryst Bingo, especially when you consider that as all the sites are linked, you need a different email address to sign up for a new account!

If you’re a fan of Cashcade group of bingo sites then sign up by all means for your first deposit bonus, apart from that we can’t see any reason why online bingo players would switch sites on the same network to play identical bingo elsewhere.

There’s a saying that comes to mind, “You can have too much of a good thing” and that has never been more true that when talking about Tryst Bingo.


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