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September 24, 2009

All too often we sit down to watch our favourite TV programme to find that not only is the programme sponsored by an internet bingo site, but we are also inundated with adverts from other bingo sites during the commercial breaks. News has just reached us that in October we will have the pleasure of seeing the first ever Virgin Bingo TV campaign on our screens.

The move has also sparked a slight revamp of the Virgin Bingo site. As the advert will carry a Mexican theme, Virgin Bingo has also decided that the site could also benefit from carrying the same theme for the duration of the campaign. This in turn will help any new players that come to Virgin Bingo to play bingo, get a real feel for the advert and connect with what the advert is actually trying to convey.

The star of this Virgin Bingo campaign is called Ricardo. He is an all singing and dancing crooner who will be dressed in full Mexican attire. However the main focus on this campaign from Virgin Bingo will be the three hours of free bingo that they are offering. This combined with the fact that Virgin is such a well known and trusted name is bound to draw an unprecedented amount of new players flocking to the site to play bingo.

The new TV campaign from Virgin Bingo begins in October and can be viewed on main terrestrial TV channels as well as Freeview. So why not head over to Virgin Bingo and have a look around now, you can play bingo and make a few friends before the rush starts. The Mexican theme may also mark the foundations of a Mexican themed promotion from Virgin Bingo and if you already play free deposit bingo there, then you are more like to hear about any such promotion right away.

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