Win 10K at Foxy Bingo

March 26, 2010

The end of the week is always exciting in the world of online bingo as this is when our favourite no deposit bingo sites give us some of the best offers in the business. This is particularly the case with one no deposit bingo site. The Thank Foxy its Friday promotion is always one to look forward to but this week in particular as it is the Last Friday of the month. This means that players have the fantastic chance to win 10K at Foxy Bingo for as little as just 1p a ticket.

Foxy Bingo of course, runs a regular 10k game every Friday and tickets for this game can be bought up to a week in advance for £1 each. However, this no deposit bingo sites 1p game at the end of each month is the one that we all look forward to and certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on. Tickets for this game cost 1p each but we would like to make players who use this no deposit bingo site aware that the diary shows this game as playing at 9pm but on the promotions page it says 10pm. If you have not played this game at Foxy Bingo before, you may want to check with either another player or a CM that you are aware of the correct time so that you don’t miss out.

The Thank Foxy its Friday promotion brings many other fantastic treats and fun for players who enjoy no deposit bingo and this Friday will be no different. As well as the huge jackpot that Foxy Bingo has to offer, there is always a range of other exciting games to enjoy such as free bingo and tournaments which run right throughout the day, so make sure you check the Foxy Bingo promotions regularly to see what is in store each week.

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