Win a mobile phone at Foxy Bingo

October 19, 2009

Monday night is Super Prize night at Foxy Bingo and this week you can play bingo for just 5p a ticket for a chance to win a mobile phone at Foxy Bingo. With most of the population now owning a mobile phone, they have become very much a fashion statement and people are always on the lookout for something new.

Maybe the kids are after one for a Christmas present. So why not play bingo at Foxy Bingo this Monday night and try to win one of these that are up for grabs at Foxy Bingo.

There are 10 Skype pay as you go mobile phones to be won at Foxy Bingo each worth £44. So at 5p a ticket it has got to be worth a try. So why not log into your Foxy Bingo account at pm on Monday night and buy a few tickets. Bingo promotions like these from Foxy Bingo not only give you the chance to win a fabulous prize, but also are great fun to take part in.

To see the full schedule of when to play bingo for one of these prizes at Foxy Bingo, simply go to the promotions tab from the homepage and go to the Super Prize Night option. You will then find the full games schedule for these games from Foxy bingo and also find all details of the other fantastic and fun ways to play bingo at Foxy Bingo throughout the next week.

There is nothing like a game of bingo at one of your favourite bingo sites to wash away the stress of a weekend. Maybe the kids have driven you mad, or perhaps you have had a weekend of partying, either way Foxy Bingo could have just the thing to wash it all away.

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