Wink Bingo national TV advertising

May 31, 2009

The Wink Bingo advertisement has been playing out on national television for a good while now and it is more than likely that you will have seen it already for this free deposit bingo sites. The advert sees a lady wearing pyjamas and walking along the ceiling and up the walls in her home after winning bingo at her favourite free deposit bingo site, Wink Bingo.

Wink Bingo
also decided to include a full explanation of how this advert was made via a video which they uploaded onto YouTube. Wink Bingo’s new national advert was difficult to make and the clip on YouTube shows the Wink Bingo director explain his ideas and concepts being the “Celebrate” advert.

The director of the advert for free deposit bingo site, Wink Bingo, Michael Zucker introduces the YouTube clip by saying; “The idea was to show just how happy winning a game of free deposit bingo at Wink Bingo can make you. Winning made the lovely star of the advert feel, literally, lighter than air enabling her to dance up the walls and across the ceiling.”

As Michael further explains the Wink Bingo concept, he explains that he based his ideas around a film called ‘The Royal Wedding’ which starred the great Fred Astaire who famously dances up the wall in the film.

Choreographer, Stephen Mear also explains the difficulties he encountered when attempting to make the mini clip fit into a 30 second commercial.

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