Wink Bingo winner

May 28, 2009

We are all used to hearing the free deposit bingo sites telling us how good they are and how the prizes and jackpots they have to give away are simply the best. However it is always good to hear straight from the horse’s mouth just how good and easy to use the bingo sites are and what better way than from a Wink Bingo winner.

Wink Bingo is a classic example of a good free deposit bingo site; they are easy to use and have a very informative site and along with Mecca Bingo, Sun Bingo, Foxy Bingo and Gala Bingo is probably among the best online.

Its members certainly think so as well.

Wink Bingo winner Katjob says:

“I was out on Friday for a works do and I remember thinking ‘oh it’s the bingo draw tonight, I’ll never win. Then on Saturday morning I went to check my balance just on a whim and saw £2000 in my Wink Bingo account ! I thought I was dreaming! I just screamed!!

Kerrymmmmmmm, another Wink Bingo winner, who won a massive jackpot of £10,000 wrote:

“OMG is the only word in my vocabulary at the moment! I didn’t actually watch the game as I was too late, I was in 75s when someone in the chatroom said kerrymmmm had won the 10k……I was like omg that’s me! Everyone in chat was so lovely. Went on the scratch cards and won 1000! Gonna go on a dream holiday with the family Thank you so much Wink Bingo for making my dreams come true.”

So now you have heard it, big jackpot wins really do happen, and dreams really do come true when you play free deposit bingo.

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